The Manitowish Waters Lakes Association Announces its Updated Website and New Online Capabilities

April 26, 2024

With the many water related topics and issues of importance, the Manitowish Waters Lakes Association has made website and online changes to improve communication with the community and association members.

Familiar Website, …

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MWLA Letter to Our Legislators on Proposed Statute Relating to Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding

January 15, 2024

Thank you for taking an interest in the concerns related to wakeboating and wakesurfing activities in Wisconsin.  The Board of Directors of the Manitowish Waters Lakes Association (MWLA) joins with the Manitowish Waters Town Board in opposing LRB 3518 in its current form. 

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Meet The New MWLA Directors Elected by MWLA Membership July 2023

August 26, 2023

Sue Austin: I have been coming to Manitowish Waters with my husband, Bob, since 1969. Bob‘s grandparents bought property and built a cabin on the river between Rest Lake and Stone Lake in 1925. …

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MWLA Best Practice Guidelines for Operating a Boat in Wakeboarding or Wake Surfing Modes

June 26, 2023

The Manitowish Waters Lakes Association Board of Directors approved the following motion on June 19, 2023 as current best practice guidelines for operating a boat in wakeboarding or wake surfing modes on any lake in the Township of Manitowish Waters. …

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Fall Draw Down Reminder

September 19, 2022

Beginning on October 1st, the water level of the MW Chain began to be drawn down from 8’0″ to reach the final winter level on or before October 31st. This operation of the dam allows the owners of the dam to accomplish a difficult task, …

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Fall On The Farm

September 1, 2022

The Manitowish Waters Chamber of Commerce revamped Cran-a-rama for 2022 and titled it “Fall on the Farm in Manitowish Waters – a blend of the traditional celebration of cranberries with new autumnal, harvest, and farm features.” The Manitowish Waters Lakes Association, …

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Our Lakes Need Your Help

August 18, 2022

by Ted Rulseh, President, Oneida County Lakes and Rivers Association

You are invited to share this information with your lake association, district or friends group and with your personal networks. …

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MWLA Elects Officers and Directors at 30th Annual Meeting

July 30, 2022

The Manitowish Waters Lakes Association held its 30th Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 30th at the North Lakeland Discovery Center. The membership was welcomed by MWLA President, Greg Holt on a beautiful, sunny morning with a delicious breakfast of a variety of egg casseroles, …

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Tourist Rooming House Issue

July 19, 2022

Short-term rentals are an increasing concern in the Northwoods. They may be great for our economy but not so great for our lakes. Noise, trash, septic, pets, parking, lighting, boats, campfires – is there a need for regulation? …

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Just A Branch

July 19, 2022

Early in the spring I noticed a small birch branch that due to the vagaries of wind and current had lodged itself between some rocks and one of the posts of our dock right near the shoreline. It was mostly underwater, with just a little sticking up into the air.

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