Water Safety Committee

The Manitowish Waters Town Water Safety Committee

The Water Safety Committee was established by motion of the Manitowish Waters Town Board on September 10th, 2019.

Committee Make-up:
The committee has seven members, six individuals from the community and a Town of Manitowish Waters supervisor who serves as the chair of  the committee.  If a vacancy occurs on the committee, a new member is appointed by action of the town board.

The committee does not have a regular schedule, but meets as appropriate, with a frequency from monthly to several times per year. Meetings are open to the public.  Meeting dates, times and locations are posted as required by law.


The Purpose of the Water Safety Committee…

Upon formation of the committee, the members developed the following goal for the activities of the Water Safety Committee:  To educate all users of the Manitowish Waters Chain of Lakes on key aspects of boating safety, applicable boating regulations, and the impact boating may or may not have on shore erosion.

The Theme of the Water Safety Committee…

The initial theme of the Water Safety Committee in 2019 was: Enjoy our Waters Safely. The theme evolved in 2022 to: Boat Courteously.

The Work of the Water Safety Committee

Educational Outreach:  The committee works to inform the public on water safety issues and concerns by providing speakers at community events, through the production and distribution of a variety of brochures and informational cards, and with the development and distribution of the Water Safety Map covering the lakes and channels of the Manitowish Waters Chain of Lakes.  Annual surveys developed by the Water Safety Committee both request the opinions of respondents and provide feedback to community members, utilizing the Town of Manitowish Waters email outreach capabilities.

Collaboration:  The administrator for the town’s Water Patrol, who also serves as an officer on the Water Patrol, frequently attends Water Safety Committee meetings.  DNR wardens have been present at committee meetings.  Water Safety Committee reports are given at Manitowish Waters town board meetings.  The Manitowish Waters Lakes Association reports on the activities of the Water Safety Committee through association newsletters and through reports to the association’s board of directors.

Recommendations to the Town Board:  The Water Safety Committee makes recommendations to the Manitowish Waters Town Board on subjects including:  Water Patrol staffing; necessary patrol boat equipment; positioning and upgrading of buoys; guidelines for water related recreational activities; and safety issues on the lakes, in the channels, and at Town of Manitowish Waters owned docks.