The Manitowish Waters Lakes Association Announces its Updated Website and New Online Capabilities

With the many water related topics and issues of importance, the Manitowish Waters Lakes Association has made website and online changes to improve communication with the community and association members.

Familiar Website, New Format. is still the association website address, but the newly updated site includes several new features:

  • A News and Updates section that will be updated periodically to display timely articles.
  • An Events List detailing upcoming MWLA events.
  • An expanded navigation bar with new headings to more easily search for relevant information.
  • Additional links to websites and other sources of information related to water resources and issues.
  • And online capabilities for new members to join, existing members to renew, and anyone to donate or learn about volunteer opportunities.

New Members Are Now Able to Signup Online.

Full or part time residents and regular visitors to the Manitowish Waters area who are thinking about becoming members of the MWLA will find easy access to an online signup form and a secure credit card payment procedure.

Current Members Are Now Able to Renew Online.

Members have been asking for on-line membership renewal capabilities for a long time.  This is now a reality, and the process is:

  • In the upper right corner of the website home page, click on: Member Login.
  • Enter your email address.
  • As you will not yet have an MWLA password, click on Request Password. A secure password will be emailed to the address you provided.  You can later change it to a password of your choosing if you would like.
  • Complete the prompts for the requested information and use a credit card to complete the secure process.
  • When you renew in subsequent years, you will not need to request a password again.

You will still have the ability to renew by mail with a check, but members are encouraged to utilize the new secure way to renew online with a credit card.

Membership Renewal Notices Will be Emailed to Members.

As the MWLA membership year runs from June 1 to May 31st, in the month of May all current MWLA members will be receiving an email as a reminder to renew their membership.

The MWLA Email Address has Changed to Improve Email Delivery Success.

The MWLA has adopted a custom domain for the association email address to decrease the likelihood of sent emails ending up in spam.  The new email address for the MWLA is now [email protected].  Please include this address in your email safe senders list to further decrease the chances that emails sent to you end up in spam.

Newsletters Will be Delivered Primarily by Email, and Will Also be Available on the Website.

The MWLA will no longer be routinely sending out newsletters to the membership through the U.S. postal service.  To save trees, decrease expenses, and eliminate many hours of stuffing, addressing and stamping stacks of envelopes, newsletters will be available primarily online.  For those without email addresses or who have not previously provided an email address, the newsletters will still be sent through the mail.  MWLA members without email capabilities to access our newsletters through the website are asked to call the MWLA at 715 543 8401 or send a letter to the MWLA at MWLA, P.O. Box 286, Manitowish Waters, WI.  54545.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these new processes, please email us at [email protected].