MWLA Rest Lake Property

by Alexis McDonald NLDC Land Restoration Technician

On June 30th, a group of volunteers consisting of Carol Schott, Carrie Ryan, Rich Hawkinson, Tom Bernhardt, and Charles Ray gathered at the Rest Lake Property to help finish its restoration. Since the house and stairway to the shore had been removed, the site was left with bare ground that needed protection from erosion. We spread some mulch throughout and laid down some erosion matting to keep the soil and mulch in place. Multiple trees were planted where the house once was and a variety of wildflowers, grasses, and woody plants were planted where the stairs to the lake had been. The plants are doing well in their new home and so far surviving being eaten by the deer. Additional planting was done on July 1 and July 13 resulting in the planting of all remaining trees, shrubs and plants.