New Rule Slows Boats Near Shore

Wisconsin boaters are now required to operate at slow-no-wake speeds within 100 ft. of lake shorelines. The new rule was approved in order to make lakes safer and to protect shorelines from erosion. Boats operating in shallow waters often churn up sediment and chop up vegetation, decreasing water quality and potentially spreading invasive aquatic species.

Current law had prohibited boaters from operating at speeds greater than slow-no-wake within 100 ft. of docks, rafts, piers, and buoyed areas. Personal watercraft operators must follow the new rules and not exceed slow-no-wake within 200 ft. of a shoreline or within 100 ft. of other boats, including other PWCs. Slow-no-wake is defined as the minimum speed required to maintain steering.

Manitowish Waters’ Water Safety Patrol Officer, Jack Arndt, will be making a special effort this year to enforce compliance with the no wake rules.