Government Relations Updates

Letter to Our Legislators on Proposed Statute Relating to Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding

Letter to Sen. Feldkowski and Rep. Swearingin

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New Rule Slows Boats Near Shore

Wisconsin boaters are now required to operate at slow-no-wake speeds within 100 ft. of lake shorelines. The new rule was approved in order to make lakes safer and to protect shorelines from erosion. Boats operating in shallow waters often churn up sediment and chop up vegetation, decreasing water quality and potentially spreading invasive aquatic species.

Current …

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Legislative Update

A new classification system for invasive species took effect last fall under NR40. Also in this rule there is a prohibition against the transport of any boat or trailer with AIS attached, along with rules for vehicles leaving a boat launch or parking area after being in the water. The new rule gives the DNR …

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What Happened to NR115 and Shoreland Zoning?

Since we provided information to our members last summer about the State’s proposal for new shoreland development rules known as NR115, there have been some adjustments. The adopted rules contain a new impervious surface standard that will not affect owners of existing homes and buildings, unless they propose major changes like remodeling or expansion.

The Wikipedia …

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Care of Exposed Lake Beds

Our shorelines have changed as a result of the drought. Biologists say that the first few yards of a lakefront are the most fragile. The Vilas Co. Lakes Assn. has issued a summary of rules that govern what to do with an exposed lake bed. Any exposed land below the ordinary high water mark (OHWM) …

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Modeling Future Weather

UW-Madison climatologists from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies have analyzed weather data collected across Wisconsin since 1950. They now feel they have a clearer picture of what our weather will be like in the years ahead. A quick snapshot suggests that by 2O55 Wisconsin’s climate will be more like Missouri’s. But there will be …

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Another Danger to our Waters – Aging Septic Systems

In the fall of 2008 the MWLA urged the Vilas County Board to address the fact that septic systems installed before the mid-1980’s were not part of the every-three-year inspection process. These are the systems most likely to be failing and contaminating our ground water and our lakes and rivers.

We are pleased to report that the …

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