The Fall Draw Down – The When and the Why

The water level in the Chain above the dam will likely decrease from its current level and reach 8’0″ sometime shortly before October 1st.

Then beginning on October 1st, the level will be drawn down from 8’0″ to reach the final winter level on or before October 31st.

The operation of the Rest Lake Dam is guided …

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Ron Kuehn, MCDF attorney update

In October 2014, the MCDF, Xcel Energy and the DNR reached an agreement to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that would establish Rest Lake Dam operating parameters including:  retention of the 3.5 foot winter drawdown; summer water release (downstream of the dam) and water retention (within the Chain) parameters designed to protect summer water …

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New Rule Slows Boats Near Shore

Wisconsin boaters are now required to operate at slow-no-wake speeds within 100 ft. of lake shorelines. The new rule was approved in order to make lakes safer and to protect shorelines from erosion. Boats operating in shallow waters often churn up sediment and chop up vegetation, decreasing water quality and potentially spreading invasive aquatic species.

Current …

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