MWLA Committees

The MWLA is organized into the following committee structure:

Public Communications
This committee puts out quarterly newsletters, manages the MWLA website, sends email alerts to members about situations where their input is needed, manages renewal-reminders and membership, and handles contacts with the MW Chamber of Commerce.

Community Outreach
This committee handles MWLA participation in the July 4th and Colorama events, that involve providing the public with information about lake and shoreline ecology. There are ongoing efforts to develop group activities for individual lake and river residents. It also does roadside pick-up along County Hwy K.

Government Relations
Plan Commission and Town Board meetings are covered by this committee. It also sends MWLA representatives to DNR and County hearings and meetings. The committee continues a dialogue with the DNR about the Rest Lake Dam until that matter is resolved satisfactorily.

Water Ecology & Safety
Members of this committee represent the MWLA on the Town Aquatic Invasive Species Partnership which is charged with preventing infestation by invasive species. It arranges for signs, publicity and educational materials to alert the public to special situations in our lakes.

Members of this committee are responsible for agendas, preparation and distribution of minutes, meeting notices and locations, financial management and reporting, liaison with office staff, correspondence and inquiries, and liaison with the MW Alliance. This committee is also responsible for the organization and program planning for the MWLA Annual Meeting which is held the last Saturday in the month of July at the North Lakeland Discovery Center.

The MWLA welcomes volunteers on any of these committees. If you would like more information, leave your name and telephone number or email address at our office. The phone-number is 715-543-8401. (Our office is managed by Enzymes International, Inc.)